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How Stress Physically Affects Our Bodies

We live in a society that places a heavy demand on mental health. From those late night meetings at work to family issues, it can often seem like there’s no end to the mental anguish in the modern world. Recent research indicates that this mental drain can also impact our bodies. It’s important to understand how mental stress can be manifested physically. And so in this blog, we’ll look at the effects of stress and how to minimize these effects with natural health products.


Stress Can Raise Blood Sugar Levels

Over thousands of years, our bodies have evolved to respond to stressful scenarios by pumping our systems with cortisol, which can raise blood pressure and help give us the energy to remove ourselves from dangerous situations. However, when stress is an on-going issue that must be responded to on a day-to-day basis, cortisol can raise sugar blood levels over time, potentially leading to a range of health issues, including diabetes.


Stress Can Cause Cardiac Issues

While the direct link between stress and heart problems has not been made, recent studies show that those who have high-stress jobs are more likely to suffer from heart attacks. It’s therefore recommended by medical professionals that Canadians reduce stress as a way to improve heart health.


To help mitigate the effects of stress on our body, it’s important to review natural health supplements that have shown to help alleviate the symptoms of stress over time. The following products have been proven beneficial to those suffering from stress.


(Click Here to Buy) Liquid B (Genestra)

This product provides high potency, well balanced B-vitamins. One of the great benefits of the product is that it provides a broad spectrum of B-vitamins. In studies, B-vitamins have been shown to lower personal strain during working activities and improve mood. Liquid B also includes vitamins B-6 and B-12, which are both required at optimal levels for mental acuity.


(Click Here to Buy) Rhoziva

Rhoziva is a supplement that has been shown to help calm the stress response system while increasing cellular energy. In addition, the product is also useful for achieving optimal physical and mental performance within stressful situations. Rhoziva has also been designed to rejuvenate nerves and optimize well-being.


By managing stress levels effectively utilizing naturally-produced supplements, Canadians can protect their health over the long-term. To discover more on the effects of stress, contact our natural health experts directly.


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