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How Probiotics Aid Digestion and Immunity!

The evidence concerning the long-term benefits of probiotics is building quickly as more and more Canadians add them to their daily diet. There are numerous foods, supplements and powders that contain probiotics and so it’s important to further understand how probiotics work in order to know ascertain which products are ideal for boosting immunity and digestion. Here we’ll outline how probiotics work and provide information on two specific products that can help Canadians capitalize on the innate benefits probiotics can bring to their dietary regime.


Moving Food through the System

One of the most important benefits derived from the use of probiotics is that they can help to streamline the process of peristalsis. This complex digestive process is the movement that allows food to go through the digestion system to turn into waste. It’s the reason that many of the leading specialists across the country will recommend the use of probiotics for those suffering from constipation-related issues. This constipation relief can be found through the use of Ultra Flora Balance DF 60c, which is a dairy-free probiotic supplement that has been designed to help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora and features an array of intestinal and digestive support functions.


Protecting the System against Disease and Viruses

There is also increasing evidence that probiotics can be utilized to protect the body against viruses such as the cold and flu. And the evidence suggests that supporting probiotics in the gut can help give the body a chance of fending off the latest bug. That’s because 70% of our immune system resides in the gut. This means that adding probiotics such as Bifidobacteria to the system can help secure the body against many of the most common medical concerns, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. There are a number of products that offer an exceptional source of Bifidobacteria, including HMF Forte 120c.


Only by completing comprehensive research and speaking to trusted industry sources can Canadians discover the ideal probiotics supplements for their on-going lifestyle requirements. To learn more about the latest research in this compelling area of natural medicine, speak with a trusted Go Natural specialist today.

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