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Skin Health

  • An Introduction to the Latest Skin Replenishing Vitamins

    As we age, our body’s skin loses its firmness. Over time, this leads to wrinkling in the skin, which detracts from skin’s appearance. While many Canadians continue to try the latest chemical moisturizes to help boost the glow of their skin, there might be a more natural solution to resolving skin issues over the long-term. In this blog, we’ll introduce three natural products that will help to replenish damaged skin. more

  • What Your Face Says about the Health of Your Organs

    Our bodies are well-honed machines. They will respond with specific signals when a problem is encountered, and it’s our job to decipher those signals and find a solution to the problem. By reviewing the changes to the skin on our face, we can learn a lot about the changes taking place within our body. It’s an evolving area of natural medicine that is helping professionals improve their diagnoses and ensure patients find more

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