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An Introduction to the Main Benefits of Greens: Energy, Immunity, and Alkalization

Green leafy vegetables have been found to provide numerous health benefits. Research scientists continue to test and analyze the powerful, positive changes that can be achieved by harnessing leafy green vegetables. It’s no wonder then that so many Canadians are now capitalizing on the inherent value of these food items within the supplements that they take. In this article, we’ll highlight the three health benefits derived from consuming green vegetable products.



Most of us are now well aware that a lack of iron in our bodies can deplete our energy reserves. This lack of iron can be combated through the use of leafy green vegetables. Many of the most popular vegetables such as spinach and broccoli offer excellent sources of easily digestible iron. And because each of these vegetables also includes vitamin C, they’re an excellent source of the antioxidants that can help maintain a youthful body. The Vital Greens product helps combine these benefits in an easy-to-swallow supplement.



Green vegetables have also been found to be an excellent way to naturally boost the immune system. They contain a compound that can be converted into a molecule which triggers the production of a cell surface protein called aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR). AHR has been shown in studies to be vital for the correct function of immune cells in the gut – which is often the first line of defence against disease and viruses. The Phytogreen Capsules have been designed to help users capitalize on the immune system benefits derived from green vegetables.



By maintaining a slightly alkaline blood level, we can help protect our bodies against various ailments. Alkalization ensures protection against the inflammation that can be a leading cause of diseases such as fibromyalgia and irritable bowel disorder. Green vegetables are among the most alkalizing foods available and can help maintain the ideal level of alkalization within the system. There are now a number of supplements available to ensure the effective alkaline levels within the body.


By working with their natural health specialist, Canadians can capitalize on the long-term benefits that green vegetables can bring to their diet and lifestyle. To learn more on the latest natural health products, speak with one of our trusted team members directly.

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