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3 Highly Effective Natural Anti-Viral Remedies

As flu season arrives across Canada, many people are searching for anti-viral products that will give their body the highest level of protection against the virus. The fall and winter seasons are the ideal time to begin researching the most effective anti-viral products on the marketplace. And for Canadians intent on taking the natural approach to personal care, there are numerous high quality products now available. In this blog, we’ll highlight 3 of the leading products.


(Click Here to Buy) Oil of Oregano 

Oil of Oregano is an award-winning product that has been uniquely engineered to help support optimal immune system functionality and drive strong health over the long-term. The product comprises oregano from the Mediterranean and is designed to help Canadians fight off infections and provide a vital barrier against the damage caused by free radicals. Oregano is widely known across the natural health community for its antibiotic properties. Its benefits are derived from the ingredient carvacrol, which helps break through the outer cell membranes and protect good bacteria from the immune system.


(Click Here to Buy) Echinacea Tincture 60ml 

Through a specifically-designed combination of special herbs, Echinacea is designed to assist and detoxify the hepatic, immune and lymphatic systems to provide users with a strong defence when their immune system has been suppressed. The product is considered ideal for those with impaired immune systems, as well as those suffering from colds, flu and swollen lymph node glands. In addition, it’s a product that can be taken by vegans as it contains no animal-related materials.


(Click Here to Buy) Vitamin C 

Widely recommended by healthcare professionals for many years, vitamin C is known for its ability to help maintain strong health. But in addition to its immune system protection benefits vitamin C also helps the body to metabolize fats and proteins. This helpful dietary addition can also be taken by those with poor bone health, as it helps improve the development and maintenance of healthy bones. With 1,000mg of vitamin C per tablet within this product, Canadians across the country can achieve exceptional health through its long-term use.


There has never been a better time to become more conscious on ways to protect your immune system. The products highlighted within this blog can give the boost many Canadians need to ensure a comfortable and happy fall and winter season. To learn more, speak with our trusted team members today! 

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