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3 Heart Health Boosting Products

Research continues to show that taking natural health supplements while committing to exercise can help to improve cardiovascular health. Factors such as diet, age and weight can have a significant impact on the health of our hearts. By selecting expert-recommended natural supplements, those with specific heart issues can alleviate many of their symptoms. In this blog, we’ll look at three heart health boosting products offered within the natural supplements marketplace. 


(Click Here to Buy) Cardioflex (Inno-Tech Nutrition)

Cardioflex works to help the body produce collagen and repair blood vessels that have been damaged over time. It’s a product that utilizes high levels of vitamin C alongside amino acids such as lysine and proline to synthesize collagen at high enough levels to benefit the heart. A leading benefit of Cardioflex is that it can be mixed with protein drinks for any easy addition to any dietary regimen.


(Click Here to Buy) Ionic magnesium (inno-tech nutrition)

We know that magnesium is important in regulating potassium and sodium within the body. But the challenge for medica experts has always been to ensure the optimal level of magnesium is absorbed by the cells. This is the leading benefit of ionic magnesium. In its nanoparticle ionic state, magnesium can be easily absorbed by the cells to help enhance nutrition levels for optimal cardiovascular health. This quick absorption of magnesium into the system can also help those with irregular heartbeats as well as those with low magnesium-related fatigue issues.


(Click Here to Buy) Cardio-omega-3 (inno-tech Nutrition)

The latest research indicates that taking Omega-3 can help reduce the risk of primary cardiac arrest events by up-to 70%. The supplement works to improve heart health by reducing blood vessel blockages. And the amount of Omega-3 found within Cardio-Omega-3 is 20-25% higher than in most fish oil products. This means the product is often a more effective source of Omega-3 than the fish itself. In addition to its cardiovascular health-enhancing properties, Cardio Omega-3 can help offer anti-inflammatory relief to those suffering from arthritis. It’s a natural solution with a range of health benefits.


By understanding the impact the modern diet and lifestyle can have on our hearts, we can begin to alleviate some of the more common cardiovascular issues through natural health supplements. To learn more about the best-performing supplements on the market today, speak with a team member at Go Natural directly.


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