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Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • 3 Heart Health Boosting Products

    Research continues to show that taking natural health supplements while committing to exercise can help to improve cardiovascular health. Factors such as diet, age and weight can have a significant impact on the health of our hearts. By selecting expert-recommended natural supplements, those with specific heart issues can alleviate many of their symptoms. In this blog, we’ll look at three heart health boosting products offered within the more

  • The Vitamins that Can Help Canadians Overcome Weight Loss Challenges

    According to the latest data from Canada’s Heart and Stroke foundation, almost 60% of Canadian adults are considered overweight. The causes of this health epidemic are numerous. They include an increase in the number of people with a sedentary lifestyle, and an increase in the number of people relying upon low-cost fast food for a large part of their regular diet. With weight becoming a persistent health challenge for so many Canadians, more

  • How Stress Physically Affects Our Bodies

    We live in a society that places a heavy demand on mental health. From those late night meetings at work to family issues, it can often seem like there’s no end to the mental anguish in the modern world. Recent research indicates that this mental drain can also impact our bodies. It’s important to understand how mental stress can be manifested physically. And so in this blog, we’ll look at the effects of stress and how to more

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